Cuomo the Great

Two days ago, CBS News reported on New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s press conference stating it was the ‘deadliest day’ in the fight against COVID-19.  The Governors own brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is convalescing from his home.  Daily tweets and news conferences have been held by the New York State Governor showing facts and figures, pleading with people and making the case for his state during the crisis that is unfolding before us.  Governor Cuomo has done an amazing job of communicating to the public and leading his state to attempt to combat the very issue at hand, the virus. 

But another important point looms no one is listening to.

The daily press conferences have been a review of numbers, statistics and ideas.  A pleading for equipment and the argument of politics here and there that do not go unnoticed.  Almost sounding like the grim reaper, itself is on the TV half the time.  If you thought Andrew Cuomo was not doing all of this to emerge as the Democratic Party’s knight in shining armor you are sorely mistaken.   He is, we do admit a bright example of what the Democratic Party should strive to be.  But everyone, the constant and continued badgering of blame and slinging of tar is just a waste of everyone’s time as it only serves the one true master here, politics.  Oh, and Andrew Cuomo’s eventual run for President. (Have you googled Cuomo for President yet?)

While Governor Cuomo has done very well and invoked the best of what a Governor should do during a time of crisis (as compared to other Governors) he has also shown what a Governor most likely should not do.   He has had as far as we can see a daily parade on national television of the great debate of what to do and the substantial burdens that come from tackling a system that was never designed for this kind of crisis. 

Andrew Cuomo does invoke trust in many citizens yet, while everyone is criticizing the Trump Administration for its handling of the crisis, Governor Cuomo is guilty of the same thing.  This crisis has cemented his persona and name in the minds of all New Yorkers as well as the rest of the country as “America’s Governor” in a way that only inflates his political capital. (why do you think he is the only governor having daily worldwide telecasts) It is after all, being done for his constituents and not just because he feels the need to give back to society.  So, let’s call it like it is. 

Additionally, each day, we have watched Governor Cuomo go on TV and give a grim story.   A story everyone is complaining the White House is refusing to give.  Now today, April 5, 2020 Governor Cuomo went on TV to give his daily update and said we have plateaued based on last night’s numbers.  The worst may be over.  It is exciting news and we have turned the corner.  

Now, we do not know that this is the case and that statement requires much more information than just one night’s worth of figures.  But he went ahead and said it anyway.   So now here we are, Friday was a horrible day.  Saturday not much better and suddenly Sunday everything is great, and the world will start soon.    Isn’t that what he himself has criticized the White House and more specifically President Trump for saying?

 Governor Cuomo went out of his way today to say the economy could be reopened and rapid testing will help us know who has the virus and who doesn’t.   Really?  That is what we need just rapid testing?  That’s all? 

Then this afternoon Governor Cuomo appeared by phone on Reverend Al Sharpton’s TV Show to reiterate some of what was said this morning and then to complain about the number of ventilators and lack of PPE at hospitals. 

Everyone, do you not see the pattern here.   Cuomo the Great has done a masterful job of playing the politics to his own advantage.

If President Trump tries to remain positive and gives statements of hope, he is a horrible person and screwed up the response to COVID-19.   If President Trump says one thing as a policy measure today and then the next changes the view of the White House on something, he is an idiot that should be removed from office.   He is a babbling moron according to a lot of you.

Why is it ok for Governor Cuomo to flip on a dime and start saying the worst may be over, on April 5, 2020 while two days prior he was increasing the order for body bags?  Does that make any sense to anyone? NOPE.  It does not. 

Please stop using different standards for different politicians and judge everyone the same.  Stop trying to say that our President who works tirelessly like every other politician is saying something different.  The words may be different to some, but the sentiment is the same.   It is plain and simple and no one is questioning the differing messages coming from the Governor of the State of New York in a short 48 hours; but the President gets lambasted for saying we need to get the economy open. 

Think about the obvious numbers.  If we are at least thirty days behind China and Italy how can the worst be over suddenly? Italy closed everything and had a national stay in place order.  We have been told the peak of the ‘curve’ is coming and it has been put together by McKinsey and Co., who are supposed to be a great group of statisticians.   Why wouldn’t we have a better handle on the numbers and information?  Oh, is it because it is really a war and things can change drastically? Maybe we should think about that before we make public statements? Or clarify them better?

Let’s stop using this crisis for political gain and all row in the same direction for the preservation of humanity and a hopeful end to this crisis sooner rather than later. 

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