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As you know the rhetoric flying around between the two political parties and their candidates has gone to new heights and levels.   Never before has there been such a large divide between political ideologies, not even in the 2016 presidential election.   One thing is entirely for certain in this murky soup of lies, innuendo, and hyperbole; no one is really listening.

Now, we here at The Ribotsky Institute have made no secret about our disagreement, distaste, and overall lack of respect for popular media.  Sorry you all, but it seems all bought and paid for.   Some of the issues and things said by members of networks is just so ludicrous and left-wing.   Not only does it border on party loyalty, but it certainly doesn’t portray any actual real news.   As we discuss what we are going to layout below, remember everyone we are not advocating for one party over the next.  We are most certainly not suggesting that President Trump is always right nor is he good at being a politician.  Because let us face it had we been in charge of policymaking and managing Mr. Trump’s Presidency this would all be a bit different right now.  (pat on the back) That being said, there are quintessential issues that are apparent that no one in mainstream media discusses.  Why?  Well, we can debate that from now until doomsday but follow along a bit.

First, during the debates and subsequent rallies that have taken place, the Democrats have blamed President Trump for the actions the administration has taken during the COVID-19 Pandemic.   Ok, that is a fair criticism.   Should certain things have been done differently?  Yes, they should have been.  No question on Monday, we can all look at the tape of Sunday’s game and pick apart the team’s performance.   That does not mean though that everything was done incorrectly and that it is all the President’s fault.  What do we mean by that? Follow along.

In the debates, the claim is made that President Trump didn’t do enough to stem the tide of COVID-19 early.  But, then when he canceled incoming flights and tourism from China it was said he was racist and it was called “Xenophobic”.    So which one is it?  Did the Democrats want the President to close down all incoming travel?  Or that would have created more panic, economic fallout, and been more racial.  (Cause you do realize the decisions made by the President of the United States have multi-faceted fallout or repercussions. Governing is the weighing of insurmountable issues after all).

Then the Democrats go on to blame President Trump for the recession we have going on and the unemployment that is a consequence of the lockdown of the country during the Pandemic.  As if it was his fault that there had to be a lockdown.  The science, advisors, and doctors said he had to close the country, did they not?  Then he did and the reaction from the left is he didn’t do it fast enough.

Ok. So here’s the problem with all of this.  You are mad he didn’t do it fast enough, right?  Because too many lives were lost due to the fact that it wasn’t done fast enough.   Isn’t that what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris keep saying?  Isn’t that what the popular media says?   But then the unemployment and recession are horrible and he is to blame for that when you just said he didn’t close it all fast enough.  Had he done exactly what you all wanted or said should have happened there would be a worse recession and even more unemployment.   You must agree that only makes sense.

Just because things would have been close -down earlier would not necessarily have saved more lives and COVID-19 is still running rampant around the world even after a four-month shutdown.   So that whole logical reasoning makes little to no sense.    But democrats you cannot have it both ways.   You cannot say President Trump did not close it down fast enough and he is to blame for deaths when you are complaining it was closed down at all because there is a recession.  (are you following? )  You can’t avoid the recession if you just inadvertently turn it all off right? (while we know most of you are not economists, but you do understand if you tell everyone to go home businesses can’t afford to pay anyone because they have no business BECAUSE THEY ARE CLOSED)  CARES ACT money or not many businesses may not survive the Pandemic.   So, no matter what was done, these are cold hard facts everyone must get used to.   It is not the President’s fault.   It would have happened no matter who was president.

You see, then he was overzealous about opening things back up and you once again turn around and chastise the man for that.   So again, which one is it?  Keep it open?  Close it down?  Don’t open it back up?  So you are worried about a recession but if you kept it closed much longer you would have a depression.   Now wouldn’t that have made for plenty of articles and criticism.

Additionally, President Trump, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Mickey Mouse could have all been President and nothing was going to stop COVID-19 from showing up.   Plain and simple.  No matter what you did, you cannot stop it and must do the best you can during horrific and warlike conditions.  You want to criticize the President for specific during COVID-19 decisions that is fine.  Comes with the territory and you cannot be in political office unless you have a thick skin, right?  Let’s face it least half of the citizens of your country didn’t vote for you.  So re-read that again.   Half of the country did not want you in office in the first place.   So, go to bed with that little trinket every night.

Why don’t the Democrats as a party stop blaming the President for things outside his control? Why don’t they give credit to the amounts of supplies, the crackdown on profiteering during the Pandemic, prosecution of those using it to line their pockets, and the parts of the leadership that were good?  What about the military hospitals built?  The military hospital ships dispatched?  The ventilators made?  Even Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of the great State of New York thanked the President one day and chastised him the next.

No one in politics is a genius or a fortune teller and could have seen it coming or been completely prepared and pleased everyone.   I am sure we can agree on that.  But what the Democrats should be doing is getting their own story straight, because you make no sense.  You cannot blame the President for the economic conditions caused by a sudden need to pull the emergency ripcord.   This was a once in a lifetime occurrence everyone.  There was no rule book for it.   No playbook.  No strategy.  These were battlefield conditions and unfortunately still are.

There is a lot to criticize in both political parties.   But what you should not be doing is blaming President Trump for the death of people due to COVID-19.   It is also not his fault businesses had to shutter their doors for the greater good.  Stop the blame game and focus on the real issues.   Try listening to your own rhetoric and talking points.   They are illogical and contradictory.

We cannot be the only people who see that……

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