Never Again…

By: Skylar Ribotsky

Several days ago, Philadelphia Eagles player, DeSean Jackson posted anti-Semitic quotes, favoring Hitler to his Instagram story.  Not only did these quotes favor Hitler but they were said to be misquoting Hitler saying that his death would prove that he was right and people would finally come to that conclusion and that they would begin to seek the “truth.”

Part of this passage states’ “because the white Jews know that Negroes are the real children of Israel and to keep America’s secret the Jews will blackmail America.” After getting backlash for it initially, Jackson deleted it, said he did not hate Jewish people, and then reposted it. Is anyone else confused by this? If you do not harbor hate for the Jewish people, why are you reposting something that is so clearly hateful?

When he reposted it, he blurred parts of the writing out and left the part that states, “they will extort America, their plan for world domination won’t work if the Negroes know who they are.”  Which he later explained to ESPN stating that he posted it because he thought it would lift people up.

Does no one understand how supporting Jackson’s statements is not only disgusting and hateful but factually incorrect? The Jewish people are not a people of hate or revenge. Nor are we people who seek some world domination, the Jewish homeland, Israel, is a place where anyone and everyone can practice their religion and live freely.  As well, the Jewish people are some of the most tolerant people and Israel is definitively the most tolerant part of the Middle East.   Israel is the only part of the Middle East where you will not be killed for identifying as LGBTQ, don’t forget that.

Jay Busbee of Yahoo! Sports states, “speaking approvingly of Hitler isn’t the same thing as, say, speaking approvingly of the Second Amendment or the right to legal abortion. It’s not just a different perspective. It borders on hate speech.” The fact that one doesn’t understand the magnitude of pure evil that was Adolf Hitler is scary in itself, but to post it, delete it, and then defend your claim, saying that it supports how you have been treated(by the Jewish people) makes it ten times worse.

How does saying that the Jewish people want world domination support how Jackson has been treated, when he is employed with a three-year $27 million contract by someone who is Jewish?  One would venture to guess Jewish people have been good to Jackson.  What is further disturbing is that Jackson knows that Jeffery Lurie, the Owner of the Eagles; Howie Roseman, the general manager of the Eagles and Doug Pederson, the head coach of the Eagles; are all Jewish.

While he claims to unintentionally have hurt the Jewish people, he had to know that posting such a thing would upset his employers, right?  It may have been unintentional the first time, but after he deleted it when he got chastised the first time and then reposted it, he knew what he was doing and that is no longer unintentional.  If it were unintentional you would have learned from it the first time and not made the same mistake moments later. There would not be two separate public apologies.

Though, what is seemingly worse, is the silence around the country due to this matter. Everyone was so loud just a couple of weeks ago when it came to protests and upheaval in regard to Black Lives Matter.  So much so that these words are now painted on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower in New York City. Is the Black Lives Matter movement not one, fighting for equality? Last we checked that was the idea that has been preached. Though it seems that we do not hold the lives of Jewish people to the same value.

While we here at The Ribotsky Institute, do not usually support the “cancellation” and or loss of jobs due to remarks made on social media, in the past couple of weeks we have watched as a large group of people lost their jobs for that very reason when it came to BLM; and so we can’t help but wonder where the outcry for DeSean Jackson’s cancellation and NFL removal is. Did every celebrity who was speaking out for Black Lives Matter get logged out of their social media accounts? No, they did not. They just do not care when it comes to the lives of Jewish people.  No one seems to as the amount of antisemitic crime has hit a four-decade high.

As a group, the Jewish people have stood by every single other movement and every other citizen’s right to live freely no matter race, religion, or creed.  To say that the Jewish people do not know oppression is concerning, has everyone completely forgotten the Holocaust? Not to mention 60% of religious hate crimes in 2018 were against Jews. Still no outcry? Still no protests? Why is that everyone? It is time this all ends and ends quickly.

To the people who have stood out in support of DeSean Jackson and supported the words in the post, please educate yourselves. We wonder how we are supposed to be expected to stand in solidarity with people who do not stand in solidarity with us but rather, support the very person and ideals that set out to end us.

We did not realize we had to explain why supporting Hitler and or producing merchandise with a Swastika on it, is extremely hateful.   Recently a website called ‘Shein’ promoted a gold Swastika on its website on a gold chain available for purchase.  Not the normal jewelry one sees for sale, but nevertheless it seems for a period the company made the piece available. (It has since been removed)   Holocaust survivor, Edward Mosberg, invited DeSean Jackson to come visit Auschwitz, maybe the people that work for Shein should go as well, maybe then they would understand how disgusting, making money off a symbol of hate such as the Swastika truly is.  Maybe it would be a good idea to have lots of people visit concentration camps and see what it was like to live as a Jew during those times or to have your relatives and other followers of your religion exterminated because you were simply Jewish.  We say never again, but where are the prominent leaders of government and movements denouncing these statements and actions?  Can it be that Jewish lives do not matter?

It is sad that the only people speaking out against this are the Jewish people, yet just weeks ago everyone was attacked if you didn’t post a black screen on Instagram. The double standard is frustrating and disgraceful. You cannot claim you are fighting some social justice war for equality because you just are not. Equality would be for all people of all races, all religions, and all creeds; not just for one group when it fits a narrative you want to portray to the rest of the country and the world. The lives of the Jewish people matter too, our ancestors faced great oppression and seemingly we face the same today.

We hope DeSean Jackson truly does educate himself and do better like he says he will and for everyone else in the country who has seemingly stayed silent, you must do better

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  1. Well said Corey. We are heading down a path similar to Germany in the late 30’s. The road is paved better, but the same hate is under the blacktop. It’s going to explode again … No doubt about it.

    While supremacy is getting stronger and blacks are lashing out at every one, because their is no where for them to turn.

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