Off the Deep End…

We are all for defending the rights of women and the MeToo movement.   We here at the Ribotsky Institute think its about time women are treated fairly in many industries and atmospheres that depicted their involvement as less then the men they worked with.  Or saw them as sexual objects rather than people.   Which is of course very disturbing and it is about time something is done about all of this.

But then there is the other side of the swinging pendulum.   The actual opposite of what we are trying to portray and the values we want to instill.   It seems that the country is up in arms over Judge Kavanaugh and potential allegations of sexual harassment while in high school and/or college, presumably at a party.  Do we have that right?

I think we can all agree there is a major difference between the likes of Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and others and what happened at a high school or college party.   We are not excusing poor behavior, but lets be honest, how many of us have been at a high school or college party?   Are there things that happened there that you would rather forget? Or you wish you didn’t participate in?   Or even things you may not remember and had to have someone explain to you?

I am sure there are plenty of men of who have treated many women incorrectly since the days of high school and college.   But sorry America, we are now focusing on what a judge who will sit on the highest court in the land did at a party under the influence of alcohol in high school? That is the deciding factor on whether he should be confirmed to the Supreme Court?   If that is the case then every one, in every walk of life including but not limited to every law enforcement official, judge, politician, professor and/or just about anyone isn’t fit to be confirmed either.   Seventeen year old boys and girls groping one another in high school? No one said a word about it until now? In 2018 when the man is being confirmed for the Supreme Court?

Does anyone else find this just odd and I am sorry, a bit crazy.

Last time I checked most of us and I mean most of us, have been intoxicated before.   Many have even been intoxicated or under the influence of different kinds of drugs or alcohol.  Some even multiple things at the same time.   (Shh don’t tell anyone)   Does that mean your company should fire you tomorrow since you were drunk one night at a frat party in 1983 and acted inappropriately?  Does that mean you are unfit to serve as a judge?  Does that make you a bad person?  Nope.  Sorry. Not in the slightest.   These are normal rights of passage that have gone on for years.    Should we change our social morays and how we bring our young people up.  Possibly, but that is a totally different topic and anyone who has visited a college campus in the past couple of years should know this kind of behavior is the tip of the iceberg.

Unfortunately the pendulum has swung so far to the other direction we are now accusing someone based on what he did in high school or college.   The popular media seems to pass on by the current group of women who work with the man who say he doesn’t act that way or hasn’t treated anyone poorly in the past several decades.  So, I ask you, is this much to do about nothing?

Is this really about Judge Kavanaugh or is this just another stab at the Trump Administration?  Isn’t this the Democrats using the MeToo movement to their own advantage?  Let’s ask another question.   By the show of hands how many Democrats now in office have never been intoxicated and acted inappropriately, while in high school or college?   That’s right no one raised their hands.  Exactly what we thought.

Ladies and gentlemen we are not excusing bad behavior.   At all, at any time.   Men should not be inappropriate and/or should treat women with the same respect they want to be treated with.   But let’s not confuse what happened at a high school or college party with real discrimination.   Anything other than that is just absurd and it is amazing that the media is going on and on about this ridiculous stupidity from decades ago.    It is amazing that the man is being lambasted in the media and by elected officials for something that occurred in high school or college.

Has there been a report that states a defendant was in Judge Kavanaugh’s court room and brought into his chambers to trade sex for a different legal decision?  If there was such a report one would think we would have seen or heard about it by now.  So no, there hasn’t been to the best of our knowledge.   That would be a complete abuse of power and discrimination against the party being told they could get X if they did Y.

Beyond that what Judge Kavanaugh did while in high school and/or college is irrelevant to his ability to sit on the Supreme Court.  So lets stop with the kangaroo court of a confirmation hearing and if you want his would be accuser to testify give the man the due process he deserves.   Which is a whole other byproduct of this ridiculous behavior.  So all someone has to do is claim that you exposed yourself to them forty years ago and you now aren’t fit to hold a position?   Sorry but this seems to take the letter of the law and common sense and just throw it out the window.

By the way, is the accuser going to be asked what other parties she attended in the past thirty to forty years? Is she going to be held to the same scrutiny, if she ever acted inappropriately?  Did she ever flirt with someone or act in a way that could be taken differently?  Does she even remember what happened that long ago? (come on, who really remembers every party from high school or college where you were intoxicated? Or even having a drink or two? )

Sorry America, this is just sad and it boggles ones mind as to how we have gotten here.    If this can happen, what’s next?

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