Running Mate 2020

By Skylar Ribotsky


When questioned about running mates just a couple weeks back Joe Biden stated, “I bet I picked somebody good and smart. A chick with class and style.” Biden has also said that he, “can’t wait to find out who his running mate is.” Well the wait is finally over, for us, and apparently him, Senator Kamala Harris may have “class” and “style” but don’t forget she is also the one who called out Presidential Candidate Joe Biden for being racist during the primaries.  Are we just supposed to believe that Harris does not believe Biden is a racist all of the sudden? We are not surprised that this narrative continues to be growing though and it is overly concerning.

Biden and his team are playing every single card to make Joe Biden the Presidential Candidate look more appealing to voters.  He played the race card by trying to show that he is not a racist.   Which he is doing a fairly good job at since many people believe that he is not a racist.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this the man who wanted to segregate busing and claimed that he did not want to send his children to school with African American children because that would be a “racial jungle.” Yes, those claims are from years ago but Joe Biden has not changed, just before the BLM movement began, a few months ago, Biden had the audacity to tell Charlamagne on his morning talk show, The Breakfast Club that, “if you can’t figure out if you’re voting for me or Trump in November, then you ain’t Black.”

Based on those statements, Kamala Harris hit the nail on the head when she called Biden a racist.   Of course, Team Biden would like us to forget about that as if we the American People have dementia and not Mr. Biden.   Choosing Kamala Harris for his running mate not only plays the race card, but it also plays the gender card. We all knew that Biden was going to pick a female running mate to make himself more appealing to the public; that in itself is where the problem lies. When women received the right to vote in the 1920’s, they were asking to be treated as equals. The idea was that women wanted to have a say in the decisions that ruled the land they were citizens of.   This is the concept that when you stepped into that voting booth, you were not male nor female, you were an American. Yet, in the year 2020, we continue to stray from that ideology, fought tirelessly for, not so long ago.

The Democratic party should go into the gift-wrapping business because they are clearly particularly good at wrapping things in a bow quite nicely.  Though when you finally unwrap the gift, what’s inside is not that great after all.  The idea that the Democratic Party is using a woman of color to further push their narrative on you, sets woman and people of color back decades. Not to mention, is it not concerning to anyone that Harris is so quick to go back on her words and beliefs? I am not sure about you but we here at The Ribotsky Institute feel that calling someone a racist is a strong claim-one you do not usually turn around on.

Kamala Harris is clearly easily manipulated or does not value her morals if she has any.  Or is simply doing what most career politicians do and say anything to get the vote.   Let us face it, if someone offered you the position of the candidate for Vice President of The United States, you would possibly say whatever they want you to say as well, no?    In case you forgot, Harris is the one who edited videos of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s comments on birth control in an attempt to destroy his reputation.  No matter what your stance on Kavanaugh is, the lengths this woman went to, to destroy another human being, should frighten us all.

Additionally, Harris has locked up almost as many black men as Biden has when she was a prosecutor. We here at The Ribotsky Institute are also slightly confused by this choice being that not even the majority of Liberals like Kamala Harris, so who are they trying to appeal to?  What should scare most Democrats is it seems they are not even sure.

Though everything Biden and his campaign team do is confusing, so why should today be any different than any other day.   Just so we are all clear, Kamala Harris is not someone to feel sorry for because she was offered an opportunity, she could not pass up even with Joe Biden at her side, this is Harris’s dream come true.  During her sad attempt at running for office, she supported the platform of the radical left, “…calling for trillions of dollars in new taxes and backing Bernie Sanders’ government takeover of healthcare.” Kamala Harris is the very thing we need to fear, her belief system is radical, and she has what Biden does not actual intelligence and concentration.

Katrinia Pierson states, “Joe Biden is no moderate, and with Harris as his ‘political living will,’ he is surrendering control of our nation to the radical mob with promises to raise taxes, cut police funding, kill energy jobs, open our borders, and appease socialist dictators.” If you feared Joe Biden’s America before, you should fear it even more now with his trusty partner in crime Kamala Harris by his side. Joe Biden is correct about one thing, this election is a fight for the soul of this nation though it is almost ironic that he always says this because he is the one who is going to tear apart everything this nation stands for.  Be mindful everyone, this election is something that must be fought for, for the good of our country.

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