Say His Name

By: Skylar Ribotsky

With all the violence going on in our country, it is seemingly easy to forget that the victims of senseless murders are not just statistics.   They are not just numbers, but they are human beings with lives not unlike our own.  What is, unfortunately, is many are young children. The evil that it takes to slaughter an innocent child is unjustifiable. Most recently added to the list of young children murdered is five-year-old Cannon Hinnant, from North Carolina.

Hinnant was murdered while riding his bike and accidentally crossing over to his neighbor’s yard.  This happened while Hinnant was outside with his two sisters, who are all of eight-years-old and seven-years-old.  Five-year-old Cannon got shot at point-blank by entering into his neighbor, Darius Nathaniel Sessom’s yard while playing with his siblings.  To make matters worse, Sessom had dinner with the Hinnant family at their home the day before.  It is not like Sessoms did not know Cannon Hinniant, and he was well aware that this five-year-old boy wasn’t posing any threat to him.

If Sessoms wanted the kids off of his property that badly how about asking them to get off your property or call the police?  But to kill him? We are sorry but the punishment just does not fit the crime. One of the Hinniant family’s neighbors said they heard a gunshot and immediately went to call the police as well they state, “our neighbors saw it. She said the young man just walked up to the little boy who was sitting on his bike, which he does every day.”

Allow that to sink in, an action that this little boy took every day, getting some fresh air, and riding his bike led to his last breaths. What makes this situation sadder than it already is, is the fact that yet again the mainstream media has been pretty silent.  Again we see, they only highlight the news that supports the narrative they are trying to push on to you and here we sit again, begging you to realize that the death of an innocent child should not have to fit a narrative for it to matter. This silence does nothing to combat the hatred that goes behind murdering an innocent child.

A hatred that is rampant across our nation that instead of doing anything about it, we are letting it happen.   Where is the uprising of the media about the senseless gun violence now?   This is not a mass shooting but a tragic and horrifying one, to say the least.  We here at The Ribotsky Institute sit here writing another article stating the truth, that what happened to Cannon Hinnant is anything but ok.

We beg you to put your political beliefs aside for just one second and think about what you would do if this were your child?  How would you feel if the mainstream media did not cover the murder of your innocent child because it does not fit a vile narrative?

To publications, like The New York Times, where is the outrage now? Your silence is felt, and you should be ashamed. To every celebrity that constantly rants about problems in the country and the world that they will never relate to because of their vast wealth, the sanctity of life should be something we can all get behind. Where are the posts and the rants now? The fact that you can’t put your own political agenda aside to speak about crime in the narrative you want it in, because you would rather pretend it doesn’t happen the way it really does, is rather appalling.

We are talking about a five-year-old here, who is too young to understand the first thing about politics and does not understand the divide we face as a nation.   Most of all who is was too young to even begin to comprehend systematic racism. You were all so quick to use your vast wealth to bail out the American citizens who were destroying the cities and states of our country, do something for this boy’s family in their time of need as they go through grief that no one should ever have to know.

Do what is right, not what is popular.   Sessoms not only walked straight up to Cannon Hinniant on his bike and shot him directly in the head; afterward, he fled the scene. For Sessoms this is not his first run-in with the law, he is a criminal who should not be roaming the streets. Sessoms was arrested on Monday at his home, charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bail.   He is currently trying to find a lawyer to represent him. We pray that he is prosecuted to the highest level. We hope that when you see the picture of five-year-old Cannon Hinniant with his huge smile on his face, you feel angry and your heart breaks .  We hope that you once and for all say, enough is enough. You do not need to have known this young boy personally to know that he was a ray of light, you can see that in his smile. You also do not need to know this young boy to understand that the world, especially for those who knew him, is a darker place without him.

In one of the photos that Cannon Hinnant’s family shared of him, the shirt he is wearing says, “Inspire Awesomeness,” we here at The Ribotsky Institute hope that the senseless murder of Cannon Hinniant inspires a lot more than awesomness, and we promise to never stop saying his name, you shouldn’t either. Cannon Hinniants cousins who started the GoFundMe in his honor, stated, “one minute he is enjoying his life, the next it all ends because he rode into his neighbor’s yard.”

For everyone reading this or who is hearing about this awful tragedy, let us let Cannon Hinnant’s life be our daily example, to inspire awesomeness.   Afterall everyone, it is the least we could do.   It is his family’s wish that the name, Cannon Hinnant does not perish.   We here at The Ribotsky Institute have made a promise to ourselves to fulfill that in our daily lives, we hope you will too.

We send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Cannon Hinnant during this unimaginable time.

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