Shame on Us…..

Today almost all of the politicians in Washington got together to attend the funeral of Senator John McCain.   John McCain was a pinnacle in American politics and he will surely be missed.  From his days of captivity in Vietnam to his several runs for the Presidency, John McCain was always a maverick and most certainly did things his way.

While the nation pauses on this holiday weekend to mourn the loss of one of its politicians, something is completely missing from the countless statements on the man’s life.  Yes, he spearheaded legislation and fought for those who couldn’t fight for themselves.   He also had a love of democracy and the American Constitution that rivaled others.   John McCain’s tenacity and leadership will be missed.

But you see, that is actually the point.

Once again in our current political climate we have done nothing more than create more divide.   So much has been said about the differences between parties and the rhetoric that continually plagues major media.   What is not ever being discussed is the hypocrisy that we find ourselves in.

Senator McCain’s daughter gave a eulogy about her father that was, shall we say somewhat directed at our current President and administration.   Former Presidents Bush and Obama gave eulogies about a man they were actually normally at odds with, because he actually asked them to in his final time.     That is the actual essence of the concept of dropping party lines and coming together for the greater good, or in this instance at a time of mourning.

The whole point that seems to be missed here though, is the fact that if we are doing what is better for our country and paying our last respects to a revered and loved champion of American government, then healing the divide is what matters most.   The fact that President Trump and Senator McCain did not see eye to eye or even like one another is quite irrelevant.  What is relevant is the divide that is continually made wider and deeper by the actions of the players.

If John McCain was the champion of Democracy and the beacon of light for the hope of American greatness, then why in his final moments did he shame us all by not wanting the current President of the United States to attend his funeral?  He asked former President Bush and former President Obama to eulogize him.   Surely that shows he can bury the hatchet and move on in life.   John McCain triumphed where others would most likely fail. Surviving in captivity in Vietnam, the son of an Admiral, the grandson of an Admiral.   He did not ask for special treatment and would not have taken it. He did by all accounts of those who knew him live by honor and by the code instilled in him by the McCain’s before him.

What is scary though is that John McCain, his family and advisors have missed the point of his own attributes.  At the time of his death, wasn’t that the time not to try to have the last laugh or last word, but to do the right thing for the country.  Whether or not you agree with President Trump’s policies, or you think he should never have become President, it is all irrelevant.   Donald J Trump is the President of the United States.  He may be different than John McCain would have been or different than many others.  But he is our President nonetheless.

So by not inviting him, by shunning him, all you have done is increase the divide that exists.  All you have also done, like a bunch of upset children is fuel the fire of the debate between the sides.   You haven’t just stoked the flames you have added another log or two to the burning flame of President Trump’s veracity.   You have done what you didn’t want to do.

While you may not want to admit it, but President Trump and his policies have significantly helped America and will in the long run as well.   But by constantly playing the back and forth you are only fueling what helped make it possible for someone like President Trump to get elected in the first place.   Of course the other side will point fingers and take no responsibility for any of it, but once again you can’t hide from the truth.

The world is an ever-changing place and we must change to meet it or else we run the risk of being dumbfounded when things happen that we don’t expect.  Leaving the current President out of what has become a funeral and remembrance of a national hero is a large mistake that will have ramifications for years to come. Unfortunately you all do not get it and do not want to pay attention to the changed world.   But maybe by the time President Trump’s second term is almost over you may get it.  (or maybe not)

You see, people can keep pointing at President Trump and blaming him for the division in our country.  But it takes two to tango everyone.  Not embracing the current sitting President and making a statement using someone’s funeral to do it is just making the divide larger.   If you are celebrating the life of a man who sacrificed  greatly for other Americans, giving his life to public service and caring more about America than anything else, then you have made a mistake here.  All you have done is exactly what you said John McCain fought against.   You have singled out a group or a few that do not specifically agree with your view and you have made them persona non grata.

Is that how he wanted to be remembered?   Most likely not.    Ladies and gentlemen if you wanted to heal the divide in America you have to start by not dividing.   Something everyone says John McCain was all about.   Well his funeral says otherwise…..

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