The Ghost of 2016 Looms….

As many know election day in America is just two days away.  Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump are barnstorming the country focusing attention on key battleground states in an attempt to try to wrangle more votes in places once thought impossible for either party.

When we at the Ribotsky Institute speak to most Democrats they are so confident their candidate will win, it brings back the feelings from the 2016 Presidential Election, where the polls called the race for then-candidate Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump, the outsider was finished in politics before he even began.  Well, we all know how that turned out.

Once again, the Democrats are so convinced that this time is going to be different, they may be too convinced.   Why is that you ask?  Well for starters they have always underestimated the real Trump voter.   While many think that the majority of Americans want a change in leadership, and even if that is true, Joe Biden just isn’t it.  Let us be frank everyone, how did we end up here again?  With two baby boomers vying for the chair in front of the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office?  There were certainly better, younger, and more well-rounded choices.   There were multiple versions of a Democratic ticket that would have blown the polling numbers away.  But alas, we are still in the old world of “this is your time to run” politics.

So, keep that in mind when you look at polls and listen to political conjecture on liberal news stations.   How out of touch with reality is the American political landscape?  VERY.   You see, everyone seems to miss the whole point of how someone like Donald Trump got elected in the first place.    Instead of delving into the actual nuts and bolts of the upheaval of the American voter, the opposition continually states that his presidency will turn into a one-hit-wonder and that will be that.   While that is a possibility, they stated that last time and look what happened.   Remember, counting Donald Trump out is a fundamental mistake, one that many continue to repeat as his appeal is exactly what he is good at.  Marketing himself.

Like it or not, there are several paths to a win for the Trump Campaign, even though the polls will continue to tell you that he is behind in every key deciding race component.  But ask yourself where the numbers are coming from and what has gone into making them up?  Who is reporting them and why?  Unfortunately, if you think that the media is not a part of the issue, you are completely blind without a cane.  Quite frankly, the polls would be showing a different picture if most media outlets were not out there suppressing bad news for Candidate Biden and promoting anti-Trump rhetoric.  What we have shown here in America is anyone who controls the media controls the country.  It is just that simple.

Everyone, the issues are so twisted and spun that no one even knows that they are arguing over anymore.   And that is the tragedy of it all.   By the time this is done, the American political establishment will have spent over $10 billion to elect a former reality tv star President or a 47-year veteran of politics who has not accomplished much.  Anyone else worried about our political future?  How we can stomach spending such an amount when the media, liberal politicians, and frankly everyone is unraveled due to the Pandemic we have been suffering from over the past seven months, is just beyond comprehension. How about we limit the amount of money that can be spent on a national election?  We certainly have enough rules about who can donate and why.

You see ladies and gentlemen, while you may not agree with President Trump and hate everything, he stands for at least, it is a different way of thinking and approaching governing.  While it may not be politically correct and may annoy you, or make your blood boil, you miss the point if you do not pay attention to it.   What is the point?  That is just it.  It is designed to do just what it does.    So, while most are whining and complaining about the approach and how things are said, the left is busy creating its own set of facts, rules and disinformation.   Because let us face a real fact here everyone, there are really no new political ideas.   Gone are the likes of John Kennedy who had some radical thoughts as did President Obama during his time.   But one was assassinated for his beliefs and desire to shake things up and the other didn’t do as much as he said he did.

Raise taxes, lower taxes, bigger government, smaller government, this group’s rights, that group’s rights……. One can go on and on until the election is over three times.   Nothing has actually changed, the more you cry and complain about it, the less they get you to focus on the real issues.

But for a hand of things……and those are the things that keep getting ignored by the establishment of both parties.   How the world works now is completely different than how it worked then and there is a huge chasm between the two modes of thought.  So much so that everyone thought the Democrat Candidate for President won last time, and they are doing it all over again.

The other piece the Democrats do not want you to understand is that there is a large group of support for President Trump that goes unspoken.   People do not announce they are a Trump Supporter unless they are willing to take the risk of being ostracized by the rest of society or canceled, as the case may be.  So most people who will on their mail-in ballot and/or in a voting booth pull the lever for President Trump, are not going to admit that to you today as the ramifications have been made too large.

These fundamental mistakes are still being made and could lead, to what the left would call the unthinkable, which is a Trump Victory.   You may say that is impossible as the polls show Biden leading, but close your eyes and remember back four short years……….


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