The Road to Who Knows Where…..

Welcome to 2022, usually when we ring in the New Year, we are hopeful for new beginnings.  Of course that isn’t the tone lately, as the past two years have been confusing and rather dark but we wanted to thank our readers first and foremost for sticking with  us and trying to seek the truth when that has become so unpopular. Now that being said, we here  at the Ribotsky Institute have been talking lately about looking back on the past two years while also looking ahead to 2022. 

Now more than ever, does anyone actually know what is going on when it pertains to COVID? Furthermore, in hindsight, in the past two years was there ever a time when we had an actual concrete grasp on what is going on or have we all just been listening to government officials? We are going to venture to guess that for many of you the answer to both of those questions would be a simple, no. We do not know what is actually going on, and the problem here is that the unknown itself is scary, but when you start throwing out different information each and every day and no one knows what is actually happening, now that is even scarier than the unknown.

You see if you go back to the very beginning of the pandemic in the United States, you go back to a very dark time, one that many of us would like to forget entirely. No one knew what Coronavirus necessarily was or what it could actually do, but we did know that we were stuck in our homes with our entire families.  There was nothing to do except for watch the news and the daily press conferences in fear while our family members tried daily to find some toilet paper, a true act of bravery and heroism at the time.

Walking around your block was an exciting activity, a reprieve from the reality and the fear mongering of the daily news. No matter how safe you were, if you left the  house and people found out about it you were being cancelled by other civilians for no reason other than for allegedly putting the health of your fellow quarantined citizens at risk.  Of course the irony is no one knew what they were actually at risk of.

We sat around and watched Tiger King like it was the greatest cinematic masterpiece, in actuality it just gave us an escape into someone else’s insanity because we didn’t know how to navigate our own. (this is a fact that should worry us about society) The longer we stayed locked down, the more heavy the world became, and as a result the more sad, depressed, and lonely people became. The longer we kept our children out of school the more they suffered deeply, in ways that in many cases cannot be reversed. Yet have you ever sat and thought to ourselves what was really going on while we were locked in our homes, distracted by pure fear and the fact that we were running out of proper toilet paper?

 If you let your mind wander down that path, it can get quite scary, as it opens us up to the idea that this has most likely been going on far longer than we are aware.  What has been you ask?  Well, maybe just maybe, the “conspiracy theory” that this was man-made in a lab for isn’t that much of a conspiracy theory at all. Yet we are all so scared to say, this doesn’t make any sense or this smells fishy because if we do we will be ostracized from society. Though, at the rate we are going we must tread into the dirty, mucky, dark waters and say what is most likely actually going on here.

Ladies and gentlemen, if it isn’t clear to you yet, this is not about a virus or saving lives, this is about control. If that is not clear enough to you yet, don’t take it from us, take it from the most recent government documents that have been leaked, that have landed Dr. Fauci under fire. You see, these documents came from the Defense Advanced Research Project Academy (DARPA), an agency under the Department of Defense that was leaked by Project Veritas.  These documents go on to show us that United States Marine Corps Major Joseph Murphy who was a former DARPA fellow, stated that the Eco Health Alliance approached DARPA in March of 2018, looking for funding to conduct gain of function research on bat born Coronavirus out of the Wuhan Lab of Virology.

Murphy explained that DARPA refused this offer because it was TOO DANGEROUS, and further, “the work was too close to violating the gain-of-function moratorium.” Though, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) under the authority of Dr. Anthony Fauci did not reject taking part in the proposal, instead the NIAID and Fauci funded the study and research of bat born Coronavirus at the Wuhan Lab of Virology and at several sites in the United States. Fast forward to March of 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci takes the nation’s biggest stage during the most vulnerable time for our people, and now for the past two years we have all suffered the ramifications of lockdowns and restrictions, we must be tested to do anything or go anywhere. In many states including New York, you must show your vaccination card and ID to eat in a restaurant, now we aren’t healthcare professionals, nor do we claim to be health care professionals, but would that not be a HIPPA violation?  As well, does it bother anyone that we are basically being asked for our “papers” ?

You see, what is so interesting is that if you look all the way back to 2014, the United States government banned this particular type of gain-of-function research, yet on December 19, 2017, an article about the gain-of-function moratorium ban being lifted was published. Does it seem strange to anyone that so soon after they banned this research and so soon after President Donald J. Trump took office, the NIH under Dr. Anthony Fauci, repealed the ban? Not only did they repeal the ban, but then in 2018, they funded gain-of-function research on bat born coronavirus at the Wuhan Lab of Virology and in several testing sites in the United States. Does no one think that this is incredibly strange or are you thinking that maybe this information  explains how this whole pandemic occurred?

Why do you think politicians and government officials got so mad at President Trump when he told people not to freak out and worry? Maybe because the easiest way to get control of people is to scare them. So, we don’t want to calm anyone down if we want them to be so scared that they do whatever we say right?  If we scare them making this virus sound so bad and dangerous that we have to lock people in their homes, then they are going to listen to us because “they want their lives back” right? Well instead of getting “our lives back,” they have just swooped into control and turned this country upside down all in the name of public health.  What if the plan all along was to take down Donald Trump, and the only way to possibly do that was to completely destabilize the country, fear monger, and have people dying left and right and then who is there to blame? The President, right? It would all be his fault? Or so they want you to think. So maybe it isn’t all one big conspiracy theory after all. We have been saying it all along that if you need a deadly virus to win an election and get control, you aren’t qualified in the first place.

Maybe if the current administration communicated the public health mandates effectively, coming from Dr. Fauci and those under him, there wouldn’t be so much skepticism or anger towards these policies. If we travel back in time to October  of 2021 according to none other than the New York Post, the NIH admitted to funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan despite head honcho Anthony Fauci’s continued claims that this never happened, and yet here we are in January of 2022 and just yesterday Anthony Fauci sat there allegedly lying again.  

     Furthermore, if you watched any of the yesterday’s Senate hearings,  you would know that the guidelines from the CDC make absolutely no sense and are too confusing to  even try and follow. Regardless of that confusion, you would know that Dr. Fauci for some reason cannot handle being questioned, which is strange because if we know one thing about science, we know it is normal to question science and the process by which we reach those conclusions. Maybe Dr. Fauci fears that people are on to him? Though maybe if he tried to act normal, no one would be as suspicious.

If one remembers, the current President, Joe Biden ran on getting control of the pandemic yet more people have died under his administration than under Donald Trump’s. (Yes, a sobering fact) They expect to get the pandemic under control yet the information released by the current administration just seems to confuse the population.   The continued rhetoric, is to advocate for the population to get vaccines that we really know  nothing about.  Everyday this administration comes out with different information that seems to contradict the last piece of information. Recently when asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stood at the White House podium and exclaimed that regardless of what the CDC says you should just go get boosted. So, we can’t be skeptical of the science but now you are telling us to disregard the science?   Yeah that does not give everyone the warm and fuzzy.

The problem is, we are taught when we grow up not to play in the sandbox.   Yet, our highest officials are still too busy playing in the sandbox, that is filled with really dangerous toys and disgusting political games.   Such deadly toys should be handled with caution, not used by what amounts to a bunch of children who do not give credence to the ramifications of what playing with some of these toys can mean.  For the rest of us American civilians, we aren’t allowed to touch the toys let alone see them, we aren’t even allowed near the sandbox, yet what goes on in the sandbox dictates how we have to live. Though, one thing is for sure, it is time we all get our heads out of the sand because Coronavirus is only the tip of the iceberg, ask yourself what else they are researching to genetically alter organisms? What is in the works? What is next? Nothing good.

Stay tuned to more information coming from the Ribotsky Institute………

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