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Smoke and Mirrors

We at the Ribotsky Institute have long stated that cryptocurrencies are just the newest in a long line of scams perpetrated on society through financial engineering.   Since cryptocurrency does not really exist and is somewhere in cyberspace, it is a great tool to perpetuate fraudulent behavior. We certainly are not surprised that FTX was forcedContinue reading “Smoke and Mirrors”

Let’s Hope the Russians Love Their Children too…

By the time you are reading this, it will be approximately twenty (20) days since Russia invaded Ukraine.  To date, Russia has killed several thousand Ukrainians, including destroying hospitals, schools, and residential areas.  Millions of Ukrainian refugees have fled the country while others move about from place to place dodging the bombardment by the Russians,Continue reading “Let’s Hope the Russians Love Their Children too…”

Cryptocurrency Hack – In and out in milliseconds

 In our ongoing series on cryptocurrency, we thought it was important to point out a specific issue that reared its head this past week.  This issue definitively makes the case for regulation and standardized platforms.   For those that may not know, if you buy and sell things using cryptocurrency,  you work with or transact inContinue reading “Cryptocurrency Hack – In and out in milliseconds”

The Real Supply Chain Issue – Just in Want Purchasing…

Years ago, when some of us attended business school we learned about the different kinds of manufacturing, distribution and supply chain processes.  In today’s world, terms like ‘just in time’ manufacturing or ‘manufacture to order’ have become common place.  The new phenomena in economic reality thought are ‘just in want’ purchasing or JIW.    Yes JIW,Continue reading “The Real Supply Chain Issue – Just in Want Purchasing…”


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