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Never Forget . . .

I remember it like it just happened, although in reality I know it was twenty years ago this Saturday.   I cannot help but remember, as for our generation it is the quintessential event in our lifetimes.  Everyone remembers where we were, what we were doing and what unfolded around us from that tragic moment.  HoursContinue reading “Never Forget . . .”

The Biden Blunder

On this Labor Day we thought it appropriate as everyone gathers to celebrate that we would ask a question that we have received hundreds of questions about….. It cannot really be as hard as rocket science, so it begs the question, “Why would the Biden Administration bungle the withdraw of Afghanistan so badly?”  You seeContinue reading “The Biden Blunder”

Afghanistan has Fallen…

In case you are just tuning into the world, Afghanistan has now fallen this same day to Taliban control. As the world watches in horror, the United States sent an additional 5,000 troops back into Afghanistan to protect the evacuation of the remaining 6,000 United States personnel still in Afghanistan.   Pictures have begun showing upContinue reading “Afghanistan has Fallen…”

What Goes Up . . .

As a child most of us were fascinated by roller coasters.  The up and down configuration of them was awe inspiring to anyone under the age of twelve.  However, liken a rollercoaster’s structure to that of the financial markets and one has an entirely different perspective on the steep hills and massive drops of theContinue reading “What Goes Up . . .”

A Harsh Reality

Skylar Ribotsky & Corey Ribotsky Over the course of the several months, we here at The Ribotsky Institute have watched along and taken in what is going on in Israel,  Gaza and now around the world. You see, the Israel/Palestine conflict is incredibly complicated, and unlike the celebrities posting on their Instagram stories we areContinue reading “A Harsh Reality”

Swiss Market Madness…

It is the ultimate marketing dilemma, a pandemic.   A time when businesses are closed.  Restaurants can only do take out service.   Shopping online increased three-fold.   But there is a glimmer of hope in all of it.   Most especially if you manufacture and sell high-end luxury goods markets.   Or you are in the secondary part ofContinue reading “Swiss Market Madness…”

Greed is Good…

In the movie Wall Street, the difference between Gordon Gekko’s network of players following his trading (you know Blue Horseshoe loves……….) and the millions of retail investors following the Reddit group “r/wallstreetbets”, is not much. While Gordon Gekko was a fictional character based on some real-life events, the market exploits of the famed Reddit groupContinue reading “Greed is Good…”

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