Afghanistan has Fallen…

In case you are just tuning into the world, Afghanistan has now fallen this same day to Taliban control. As the world watches in horror, the United States sent an additional 5,000 troops back into Afghanistan to protect the evacuation of the remaining 6,000 United States personnel still in Afghanistan.   Pictures have begun showing up on the internet not unlike ones that depict the evacuation of US forces and personnel from Saigon on April 30, 1975, as that capital fell to Communist forces.

After twenty years of mistakes in the region, today’s fall of Kabul and control of Afghanistan now under the Taliban rests on the shoulders of President Biden.    More specifically since President Biden was the Vice President of the United States for eight years while President Obama talked about leaving Afghanistan, only to increase the amount troops we sent there at the time.  Just goes to show everyone, the grass is not always greener, sometimes it is just more grass. 

It is less than one month till we reach the twentieth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, (yes twenty years have passed) and now the Taliban who are still controlled and run by al-Qaeda are in control of Afghanistan once again.    They are now emboldened by what they are stating is their ability to drive the United States out of the region as well as have taken control of all of the equipment we left behind, including weapons.   Unfortunately, it seems the Biden Administration does not seem to understand that this will make the Taliban even more difficult to deal with.  Way to go Joe!

While we are not suggesting that the United States should lose the lives of American soldiers to police the world, we still must be cognizant of ensuring peace and stopping the advancement of terror regimes around the globe.

The Biden administration will now be stained by this fumble and rightfully so as they themselves stated that Taliban did not have the capacity that the North Vietnamese Army had, although it took the Taliban a much shorter amount of time to take control of the capital and repress Afghanistan’s army. 

Some pundits have stated that this foreign policy mistake by President Biden is worse than the fall of Iraq in 2014 to the Islamic State, which many have agreed could have been averted if the United States left forces in the country.  

The administration’s stock answer to everything is to blame the former Trump administration, but Mr. President this is not COVID-19 and as you have said yourself President Trump was an outsider.  You have been in Washington for over forty years and surely you have an idea about what the issues are surrounding the conflict in Afghanistan? Or have you not been reading briefings, awake or coherent enough to understand?   A complete withdrawal of advisors and a military force created an uneven paradigm that does not and cannot be sustained by a less capable force.   While our troops were in country, Taliban forces held the countryside regions, but the cities were all controlled by the government of Afghanistan.   Thanks to the threat of the United States Armed Forces and our superior air capabilities. 

Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble here, but this as a matter of historical fact, the United States still has a military presence in South Korea, Japan, and Germany, does it not?  That is since all these conflicts ended as a matter of fact, which continues to this day.   That is a piece of strategic advantage and protection that has made most sleep at night.   Should we not have just negotiated for a military presence in the country to start with?  It is only a logical choice is it not?

What adds insult to injury here is say what you want about the Taliban, but they have had twenty years to prepare for this and are as we now see very, very patient.   They waited until the United States forces were nearly out to begin their advance and as previously stated it took no time for them to be victorious.   It took a mere six days for the Taliban to take control of Kabul.  

What a wonderful job the Biden administration has done to botch the withdrawal of our forces and increase the potential for aid to be needed for the Afghan people as well as hundreds of thousands who are now fleeing the country seeking refuge in Europe and ultimately the United States.  Another fine mess you have gotten us into Joe….

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