The Biden Blunder

On this Labor Day we thought it appropriate as everyone gathers to celebrate that we would ask a question that we have received hundreds of questions about…..

It cannot really be as hard as rocket science, so it begs the question, “Why would the Biden Administration bungle the withdraw of Afghanistan so badly?”  You see folks, it is not so hard to withdraw your troops, personnel,  equipment and those you vowed to assist to leave clean, without not only leaving people behind but the risk of arming the insurgent forces you have been fighting for twenty years. 

Now the Biden Administration must deal with a complete and total act of stupidity that stranded personnel who cannot be evacuated as well as the deadly massacre at the Kabul airport that killed over fifty Afghans and took the lives of thirteen United States military personnel.

To top that off, the United States in the withdrawal of Afghanistan, left $85 billion in military equipment on the ground including but not limited to trucks, armored Humvees, guns, ammunition, high tech night vision goggles and aircraft including but not limited to attack helicopters. 

Why anyone thought that was a good idea or how that even made sense is challenging.  The withdraw of any military occupation is quite simple really.    They teach this at West Point and the War College.   In the very least you get all the civilian contractors out first, including most importantly the women and children.  You obviously keep your troops and air power with you for protection until the very last minute. 

Next, you pack up all your high tech and superior military equipment and take that with you so that the insurgent force occupying the country that you have been fighting for twenty years does not have it to utilize.   Or if it cannot be moved, it gets destroyed.

Before you leave, and we mean pull the last remaining troops out and head for the hills, you do a sweep.  You move all personnel area by area and then congregate into one last part, making sure all the people who assisted the United States for the past twenty years who need our help to get and have far more reason to immigrate to the United States as they have proven they want to be a part our melting pot, and you leave.

Unfortunately, the Biden Administration chose another direction and left civilian personnel behind, enough equipment for the Taliban to take over two countries and even left service dogs in cages sitting on the tarmac.  The worst part is the administration did not even have the decency to honor those who perished in the final hours protecting the rest in the evacuation. 

Sorry everyone, whether you voted in the last election for Sleepy Joe or Tweeting Trump, it is unacceptable and should not go unpunished.   The United States government wasted no time trying to impeach President Trump because supporters came into the capital building and people were injured and got killed.  But somehow it is alright that President Biden allowed an insurgent terrorist militia to get their hands on sophisticated weapons, leave people behind, leave interpreters and guides behind that risked their lives for us for over twenty years and kill thirteen of our brave service people and everyone is silent or they blame the actual withdrawal on President Trump. 

Really?  That is all you have to say and do?

There must  be some other strategic reason why this was done.   Had to be right?  Because it makes absolutely no strategic, humane, or political sense.   It is completely against everything that Biden and Harris campaigned on.  (Do any of you liberal Democrats see that?) Sorry Democrats but someone who can do this does not have all their faculties and needs to leave.  If this is not conduct that should be sanctioned, we do not know what is.

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